poppin' in:

Annnnd, yes - we're still alive here!
Stuffing our faces with home-made kettle corn (recipe) while wandering the zoo today.

Those kids' faces crack me up, I think a monkey could be dancing an Irish jig while riding a parrot, and they'd still just be interested in that bag of popcorn!

I just wanted to swoop in here and thank all of you for you sweet outpouring of congrats and kind words celebrating the wild news of our next wee progeny!  A new life is such a source of joy shared with others.  You guys are wonderful.  For real.

I hope the week is treating you well out there?
We're looking forward to a weekend of beauty weather, visiting family.. and eating my weight in fresh corn on the cob!
I think the seasons should be measured in food groups.. instead of weather.
There would be fresh berry season, corn season, maple syrup season... egg nog... you know, all those special treats you really only get to savour at one part of the year.

Gosh, it's tough being a 'foodie' when your baby belly says 'blech' to everything! Hah.

Have a tasty weekend friends!

Mel ;o)



  1. Congratualtions! We had quite the similar surprise here and he just turned two. That makes ours two years apart also. It isn't easy, I will tell you the truth, but there are so many wonderful parts...and exhausting parts. ;)

  2. What!!!? Great news, Mel! So happy to hear about the wee baby! Way to go!
    And kind of glad to see that you've been blogging less lately because I've hardly been on-line at all these past few weeks. The new life is fun and exciting and, IT'S KICKING MY BUTT!!! I even came your way for a couple of days but was so busy that I couldn't plan a visit. Hopefully in the fall. Fingers crossed.


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