Oh hiiii there again!
Don't you just love how I disappear for a good while and then pop back up again like a pesky rash?  Well, hopefully not quite so bothersome.. but here I be.

Now with the summer wrapping up it seems - since everything is focused on 'back to school' it feels like Fall is around the corner - I'm feeling a bit reflective about how this season has passed.
Here's what's been on my mind, or things we've experienced of late:

+ I managed to get to the end of the summer and still have fluorescent white legs... yesssss.

+ Despite the fact that our daughter turns FOUR in October.. we're not throwing her to the jaws of the school system quite yet.  I guess that means that at this stage.. for this year to start.. we're going to 'homeschool' since I figure I can keep up with finger painting and eating glue.  Heaven help her if I have to teach her math though!

+ Yep, that baby is still brewing.  I'm in my third month now, or something like that.  You know, the awkward stage where everyone is afraid to ask if you're expecting.. or did you just let you gut hang out like that on purpose.  I tend to hold my stomach 'lovingly' more often or hold a jar of ice cream and a pickle to get the message across. (Although secretly I can't wait for when I'm reallllly showing, and people say "are you pregnant?!" and I can blurt "NO!".. baha, I'm awful).

 + Thanks to super, sweet friends.. we got to escape to a cottage for some fun recently.
Oh, they also happened to find a 'family van' for our growing crew.. since we can't all fit in our clown car (honda civic) for much longer!  Wow... times are a-changing.

 + The kids are growing like.. things that grow really fast.  I don't think Azriel stops talking, singing, whining, monologue'ing her every waking moment each day.  She talks to the baby through my 'belly button speaker'... and told me that other day that if we have a boy then "we'll all cry" so I guess we know what she wants.
Hudson walks like a drunken zombie most days.. but he's getting the hang of heaving that body around on two stubby feet.  Granted, he has a new goose egg on his cranium every five minutes.  Boys.

+ We just got back from a week of family camp.  The Carey Conference for those in the know.  Translated: that means we joined a huge crowd of other families to attend various sermons about the beauty of Christ, and the church... and connect with people from all different walks of life who love the same Lord.  Maybe to half of you readers that sounds like a week of crazy cookyness... but for those of you who know God in a real, living way - this adds up to a week of refreshment/encouragement/conviction to live joy.full/purpose.full/holy lives.

+ Speaking of which, I thank God for the growth and zeal that my man Ben has shown in these past few months.  We're all inspired to live more deeply, more sincerely, more graciously with his example.  Love that guy.  mushy mush mush.

+ Ok, if you made it this far, thanks you guys.  What a sweet bunch you are to check in and hear about our little lives here.  Hope your world, your crew, your heart are doing well there?

Hugs and chocolate to you all,
Mel ;o)



  1. Hugs! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear things are going well!

  2. im going to hold you to the choclate but hugs back

  3. I've been disappearing a lot lately too. Oh well! :P Good to see your blog posts, lady!

  4. Ahoy there, hey hey! Hope the summer is treating you well, thanks for still wandering through these parts! ;o)

  5. baha.. you would. ;o)

  6. Hey thanks, hope you guys are enjoying those last bits of summer there too! xx


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