Hello lovelies!
Today I get to pretend I'm one of those 'fancy' bloggers with all the beautiful photographs of their beautiful family... and we laugh into the sunset with nary a hair out of place.
Well, at least it could seem like that thanks to the wonderful photos taken by my friend Kiki - who happens to be a talented photographer as well!

So here's a brief slideshow of photos from our Mom's recent birthday family get together:

 Ack!!  Can you believe how big and handsome our lil' pudgy baby got?!  Hudson seems to have grown up in these photos right before our eyes.  And, yes, I was just as blonde as a child.. but it soon darkened to mousey brown.  Maybe our next child will score some of daddy Ben's darker features...

 Our sweet little tempest, Azriel was not quite delighted to 'pose' or act particularly happy about having her picture taken that day.  Lucky for her she's still cute. ;o)

 My mom & dad... a terribly sweet duo that seem to keep getting better with age, with God's grace to praise for it!  Happy 60th mama!

 The original five.  My older sis & bro tucked in here too.. now you can see you scored the 'stumpy' gene, forever their 'little' sister.

 Annnnnd here we are.. now you can see my growing gut too!  Too bad we didn't get Hudson in this frame... I admit I had already caved and attempted to 'bribe' Azriel with a sucker to just play nice for a few more pictures...

Yeah... there's a real big smile for you.  Who's the sucker now, mama?

A brief photo shoot, but lots of beautiful memories thanks to Kiki.  If you're a local, you should call her up for your next function - she's loverly!

(Oh, and if you missed it.. she also made this hilarious animated GIF that perfectly captures the deep well of affection I have for my man... seen here!)

So thankful for family,
Mel ;o)


  1. Great photos- nice to see a pic of you with your parents and sibs too. Azriel doesn't have to smile because she's cute anyway! Hudson is very handsome. Maybe him and Emma....:D

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these. Made me smile!

  3. what a beautiful family you have!! you are all so striking! hope all is well. xo

  4. Very Very Beautiful!
    You are so right, Hudson has grown SOOOO much and your little Azriel...wow!
    And you are just beaming with delight!
    Happy Family

  5. Lovely photos!
    It's so great to see Brennan pop up now and again on your blog :) I always liked your family. Happy birthday to your mom!


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