FIVE flippin' fantabulous years...

Soooo it's been five years of marriage to this Converse clad chap of mine.. and I still manage to botch up when the date is!

Truth be told last month I asked him what he wanted to do for our special weekend.. and he stared at me blankly.. "our anniversary.. helllooooo?"  I said.
"Mel, it's next month babe".

Oh, right.
I hate numbers.... and am equally awful with dates.

But what I don't hate, is this guy.
In fact.. I still love him deeper, more real'er with each passing year God gives us here.
It's funny to even look back at our wedding pictures and think what naive little munchkins we were.. just stepping into the shallow end of what this deep ocean of life and love is all about.
I'm eager to keep swimming alongside this guy.
Diving deeper each day in to what God has in store for us.

I feel so blessed to be front row center in watching him grow and develop in grace.
I admire his dedication and commitment to our family... and how desperately he has sought to provide for us in a tough climate.
I shall affectionately refer to him as 'Dusty' now.. since each morning he comes home covered in flour from the bakery - and as of this week - now comes home at dinner hour covered in sawdust from working for a cabinetry company.

Seriously, he's the man.

Now, a word on marriage.  It seems that such a sacred union of souls is really under attack in our day.  I've seen friends separate, divorce... and suffer heart break.

Nothing saddens me more than seeing married couples not living out the love they once held and vowed to keep.
I don't know where you're at right now... but I truly hope you still love and delight in your partner.
I hope you fight for that.
Make time for them.
Give them the best of you each day (not the dragged down/wrung out/end of the day lump we can feel left with). 
Laugh together.
Go on a hike.

And now because I just want to rant:
* Please, lets not complain about our husbands....
* Please don't post pictures of actors you think are "hot" for all your facebook friends to see (including your husband.. )  Guess what - your IDEAL guy is now your HUSBAND.. keep your eyes/heart falling for him each day.
* Please don't repeatedly talk about your ex's with your husband... especially not in front of your kids?!.. 
*  Please show your kids you respect, admire and love your man... don't belittle and berate him.
 *  Have 'contempt for contempt'.. (i.e. don't let resents fester, clear the air quick!).

Yeah.. don't get me started, hehe!


Ben, my love, you have it all.
You have my heart.
Happy high five to you!

mel ;o)

*If you're a newer reader.. and you missed last years post about this occasion, you can catch more detail pictures from the wedding there.


  1. That time already eh Melly? Happy Anniversary! It was a delight to be there with you :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Mel! So happy for you guys- you make an awesome couple. Wish we could see more of you! And I agree: give your husband your best. Every day we have to wake up and make the decision to love and care for each other. Thankfully, my husband, and yours, make it easy, I think, to do just that. It's great to think back to when none of us was married, just dating, and see how far we've come. Have a great time celebrating 5 years of marriage- it's becoming more and more unusual!! Congratulations!

  3. Happy Anniversary Mel and Ben!! 5 years is huge! We are on 4 in 20 days. Which seems insane. Doesn't it just seem like yesterday you were married and now you have children and such. Crazy.

    Your wedding looked beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And your tips, well, I may be guilty of that one. Occasionally. My husband did allow me to take him to the Supernatural convention as our honeymoon.
    Anyways, woo 5 years!

  4. First off, you guys are so precious and a big congratulations to you both! Second, I totally feel ya sister on your ladies rant!

  5. Blessings to you both, in what is obviously a loving and happy marriage! We have been blessed with that too... But sadly that is not everyone's story, and until we walk in someone's shoes, we can't know how or why 'the love they once held and vowed to keep' is shattered. Sometimes the heartbreak is within the marriage - so sad, but reality. It falls on us to do what we can to support and love and help those going through a marriage breakup, without judgement.

  6. Beautifully said Annie, thanks for those wise and always loving sentiments. xx

  7. aww, thanks bunches Hills!

  8. TIme is insane.. a moment and a lifetime all rolled in to each year we're given! You're funny, no judgement from me here.. just cautions I'm hoping we can all remember to keep our marriages growing stronger! ;o)

  9. Aww.. I always have/will love our double dates! ;o) Thanks for the warmth love. xx

  10. Muah, a delight to have you and your shivering knees there with us! lol xxxxooo

  11. Happy anniversary you two! So happy for you!

  12. you guys look great in this pic. happy anniversary!! love the little family you guys are creating. xo

  13. thanks so much sweets! I'm kinda smitten with them too... ;o) xx

  14. Hey lady! Sorry for the long silence. I have been slammed with hiring a new reporter, filling in while I waited for said reporter to arrive in Jasper (all the way from Nova Scotia) and then training said reporter. It's been a busy, busy month or so.
    How are things with you? How is the little bean growing in your belly and how is the rest of the clan. I hope all is well and you're healthy and happy.
    Congrats on the anniversary! Five whole years, that's an achievement, my friend. xoxo

  15. Busy bee you are indeed! No apologies.. we're all off the grid a lot more often lately! lol THings are going swimmingly here... baby bean is half decent - tho I'd be a nauseous mess without my 'happy mama pills'! Thanks for popping in sweets. xx


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