a whale of a time.

 What better way to await a new baby... then to sew a whale.. am I right?  Yes, this is the latest creation from my nest here.

Since our daughter Azriel has been loving the notion of being a 'mermaid' in her baths lately.. and always wants to read 'Jonah and the big fish' in her picture Bible... I thought she may love getting a whale from her baby brother.  We're trying that approach of 'new baby brings older sibling a gift from the womb'...

Ummm, suddenly the idea of equating my womb with delivering a whale isn't so cute of an idea.  Maybe I should have sewn her a goldfish...

Yep.  He's still brewing in there.
My midwife today even said it didn't look like he was to eager to dive out... after she made me feel like her ventriloquist doll (gah!).  Nothing like saying you're in your TENTH month of pregnancy to make you feel like a 'bloatation device'.  So yes, I did paint my nails last night (for the first time in...years) and pampered myself with a warm bath, and chocolate chip cookies that Azi and I baked. 
I'm going to just force myself to relax (is that an oxymoron?).. and take this babe at his timing.  At this rate... I may have to sew him a 'cupid costume' for his take-home outfit.

Whale see... get it?

Mega mama,
Mel ;o)

P.S. I meant to ask you parents what approaches/advice you took with preparing you kids for a new sibling?  Thanks!


  1. I don't have two kids yet, but my best advice would be to ensure you give azi at least 10-15 min of special time each day so that she still feels special!

  2. Y0u MUST must MUST read 'Siblings Without Rivalry'. Even though most of it is about older kids, I think it is important to remember the position the eldest is now being put in and be empathetic about it. I also think how parents (and other caregivers) use words to talk to their children can make a big difference in how they treat each other! Cute Whatle...stop stressing about the size already....he is just the right size for you to birth, positive affirmations! 

  3. ok thanks Nome!  I'll see if I can track that book down here... and yes, the size of this lad will be 'just right' - I can't wait to see/hold/squeeze him! :o)  Happy crafting at your nest.

  4. Thanks luv - I totally aim to keep special times for just Azi and I throughout the day (especially in the early stages of baby sleeping lots)... it will be an interesting transition time for our family!  Hope yours is keeping well! xo

  5. Joe loved Asha right from day one.  But now he's asking for an older brother, and I'm not too sure how to pull that off...

  6. I love the whale's eyes!!!!! It's just too cute.  Hang in there mama, you'll be having that baby soon!

  7. thanks Kelly!  I think those 'sleepy eyes' are likely inspired by all the crafty cuteness made by either Skunkboy Creatures blog... or WonderForest blog....  as far as giving credit where credit it due! ;o)
    take care!

  8. baha!  That will be a trick for only a true wizard to perform...
    I'm fairly certain Azi will adore her lil' bro - she shows the sweetest nature towards babies... I just hope to make it a good transition for her!

  9. hmmm...Niamh was 2 years.2 months when Philly came home.  I honestly don't think it really phased her past the first couple days:).  She was much more traumatized by us leaving her for three days (hospital stay after c section).  I think she was a little mad at me;).

    Anyways...love.love.love the whale!!!!!  He is TOO CUTE!!  You are amazing girl.  Every day is a new creation!  I love popping over here!

    oh.  And your belly looks ready to have a nice healthy baby!  :)  I think you look incredible...like glowey and pretty and all belly.  I have a photo of me in the hospital ready to be induced with Philly...and it looks like I could have fit 15 of my heads inside of my stomach.  And I have a huge, basketball head:P.  I'm kinda jealous of your preggers good looks!!

    Have a blessed day...will keep you and baby in my prayers tonight!  <3

  10. We read books about new babies to Will and Rory, and it really seemed to help them deal with the arrival of Serena. When she would cry, or need a lot of my time, or ignore their efforts at entertaining her, Will would quote a related passage from one of the books, and Aurora asked for one book to be read to her at naptime every day for about 2 months! I think realizing it had happened to other kids helpedthem to accept it as normal.

  11. You're awesome Krista! Thanks for all your support and hilarity - I still can't see petite lil' you being as 'whale-sized' as you suggest!!  Appreciate the prayers, have a wonderful weekend friend. xo

  12. thanks Kari-Lynn... I'll have to hear what those books were sometime from you. ;o)

  13. Yellowfinchdesigns11 February 2012 at 21:47

    oh man! jonas took his good ole time in my belly. he was two weeks late. i refused to be induced!! hang in there mama ;)

    as for advicee, we just included them in conversations and even some decisions...like letting them pick a toy for the baby. we also read books.

  14. thanks Liz (for all your comments) - I know we'll likely be hitting the 2 week mark at this rate (tho it may come to inducing if the womb is getting less 'hospitable' for him.  We do have some books here that are cute about the 'new baby', and Azriel seems to especially enjoy them lately!  Hope you and your crew are having a lovely weekend... its all SNOW here now! ox


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