cool like that...

What rhymes with cool?
 It's best not to take oneself to seriously.
Laugh at yourself... and let others do the same.

Those who tend to worry about being cool, look more the fool.
Those who confidently play the fool, are all the more cool.

Yeah, getting all Dr.Seuss on you up in here...
I've just been thinking about our kids, and the challenges of 'fitting in' and discovering their identities as they get older.
I want to see them shine.
Not try to dim their lights to go undetected by others,
or to blend in with the blur of the crowd.

I guess this is another example of learning to 'lead by example'.
How's my light shining?

a fool,
Mel ;o)



  1. Girl your light is shining bright leading the way for your growing brood (gorgeous bump by the way). One of the hardest things to teach isn't it... it is what you often feel is your flaw that is your perfection.

  2. Ohhhh you! I don't know how I deserve such sweet comments, but I thank you for them nonetheless! xx

  3. Awww this is so sweet :)



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