..bump ahead.

Alright, alright friends... here's the obligutory baby belly posing post thing.
If you're in to that kind of thing...
Yeah... so here it is.

 There's the 4.5 month baby-brewing belly.
Really, it just feels a lot like the gut I had before being pregnant.. but I can't suck it in anymore!
I'm just glad to finally be getting past that slightly awkward stage of people looking at your belly and wondering 'did she just eat too many chocolate bars?'.

Instead I'm at that new awkward stage where people like to touch/rub/caress your belly.
Which still makes me want to start wearing t-shirts that say "not a petting zoo" or "does this look like Buddha's lucky belly"?... It's just weird.  I know everyone is all ooh'ing and ahh'ing over this precious cargo... but the belly rubs need to stop.
I'm totally just as guilty though, I see a pregnant friend and go "squueeeee!!" rub rub rub pat pat the belly!  So, I get it.
Quick poll: what mamas out there actually are cool with the belly grope fest?

Y'okay that's the post to give you a sneek peak of our progress here.
Maybe I'll grace you all with more gut shots as I hit the hugemongaloid threshold of the final few weeks or something.. hold your breath!

In other news, I'm much more aware of the lil' person's flutterings inside now.. so that's cool!  No longer is a question of: was that gas - or the baby doing a soft shoe?

I get to meet another new 'back up' midwife this week as well, fun!

There's the scoop, friends.
Thanks for being here.

mama Mel ;o)


  1. Man, when I was 4.5 months pregnant people were already looking at me like, " shouldn't she be in the hospital right now, giving birth?!" You have such a cute LITTLE belly! I've never had one of those! Ha! So excited for you guys to add a third sweetie pie to your family. I've got about 3 more weeks to go.... then the real chaos begins. Yikes!

  2. bahah.. you're hilarious.. and I bet you must just feel so 'done' at this stage eh?? 3 weeks.. eeeeeeks! Can't wait to hear who you have to add to your sweet crew there, we'll come harass you again in the new year I hope!! xx

  3. you look great!! i was cool with people i knew touching my belly. strangers thinking they can touch you is just plain weird. belly or no belly. xo

  4. aww, thanks, lol! Yeah, strangers is just EXTRA weirdness... like, gah! xx


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