up to date updates...

 * Almost FOUR, in just over a month!
* Still loves pretending to be a baby to get 'more snuggles'.
* Must do.everything.by.herself (getting dressed, potty, singing a song, etc).
* Always wants 'just toast.. with white butter'.
* Eats like a bird.
* Still asks "who are we going to visit today?" every.flippin'.morning when she gets up.
* Loves to be silly, make us laugh, and play make believe.
* Throws down an epic emotional meltdown if suffering an *injustice (accompanied by such phrases as: "that's NOT fair!!"  "this is the worst day of my life" at 7am... "nobody loves me ever again!") you know, if she doesn't get her way in a given moment.
* A sweetly helpful big sister 90%.. and harmful one 10%.
* Loved by her family 100%.

* 19 months old.
* Heavy as a cinder block.
* Eats like a champ.
* Gave up his morning nap.. despite waking up ridiculously early each day (5-5:30am).
* Has a wide mischievous toothy grin, and content nature.
* There's always a car, truck, book or gadget in his pudgy grip.
* He's fascinated with getting on a chair, off again.. repeat.
* Currently words are few: Daddee, Mommee, Ahhzi, Hey'O, Dat, Nigh Night, Uh-Oh...
and basically every.little.thing is his world says: "Grrrrrrrrraaw".
* He loves to be chased, and squeals with delight and fright at the notion.
* If we say "belly" he yanks his shirt up and smacks his bulging tummy.
 * Loved by his family 100%.

Mel (photo taken by daughter who wanted a 'silly face').
* Currently 17 weeks pregnant.. or almost HALF WAY which seems freakier to say!
* Early bedtimes and erratic sleeps are the norm around here now.
* Getting the 'itch' to change the house around before Winter.... maybe just paint the bathroom.
* Still working part time at our Benjamin Moore shop in town.
* Savouring the mornings spent with the kids.. and afternoons while Ben works now.
* Learning to plan meals/make grocery lists/cook dinners like a boss again.
* Embracing fall with all my love of layers, warm drinks and cozy toques.
* Life seems simple, quiet and beauty-full when we declutter and focus on our faith.
* I'm a blessed gal with this family, good friends and most of all - a loving Saviour.

Just a little update of sorts, where we're all at in this point of life... (minus dragging the handsome hubby into it - since he prefers it this way).
How's it going in your journey there?
The seasons are changing,
the kids keep growing,
hope you're well, friends?

warm socks + pumpkin lattes,
Mel ;o)



  1. I love updates like these. I just imagine how great it will be for you to look back a year, two years, three years, 10 years down the road and know all of those tiny little details about life at this time.
    The kids look adorable and sound precious aside from the 10% harmful, "my life is the worst" stuff. I'm sure that will pass, though. ;)

  2. Hehe, it's true Nicole - I do hope I can look back at these posts and remember - since I tend to forget yesterday! Every stage has its sweetness and sour patches I'm sure... but it's still a good adventure here. Hope you're staying cozy out there!? xx

  3. Yeah it shocked me too.. I don't really keep track of where I'm at this time around.. and had to enter in my due date to see how far along I was (still though I was only around 13 weeks, lol!) I'll probably be just as shocked when a baby suddenly arrives, lol! Thanks for being here, as usual! ;o)

  4. You're pregnant again!? Holy cow I've been away for a while. Congratulations Mel!

  5. baha.. yep!! Nice of you to drop by though Trish... you're probably just about as surprised as we were... lol. ;o)


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