My one - and - only craft show left!

So this is happening for all you locals (and yokels) to be aware of!
I'll be smothering a table with all my crafty goodies for sale SALE sale.

Lots of jewellery, random quilted fun, and by popular demand.. a limited edition of those happy Hedgehog stuffies (come early if you want one).

This is my last craft show for who knows how long... (I plan to submerge into a pregnancy coma for the next few months and won't attempt my usual Christmas show)... so for you local fans, this is your only chance to see some Needle & Nest goodies - I'll be throwing some fun sales in their to thank you for your sweet patronage!

Now you know, mark your calendars for THIS Saturday, wooot!

creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. Have a great craft show, Mel!
    I so wish I could come!

  2. I'll tell my momma to come by and snag me some Christmas gifts since I can't make it this weekend! But hoping to come for visits soon, and will bother you out of your coma to hang out with me :) Have a fun craft show and take it easy!

  3. Awww, yeah for Moms! ;o) Would love to meet her.. and will definitely make an exception to come out of a coma for said visit... we walk past your folks place often to the school/park there! ;o)


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