what's soft and prickly, and loved all over?

Well friends, we finally dusted off the sewing machine and made some fun here!

I haven't had the desire/energy/motivation to create for months now... so just doing this project on a whim was refreshing indeed.
 When daughter Azriel heard the machine start up she looked over with a big grin and asked: "what are you making me, mommy??!".  She then eagerly dove right in with helping me stuff little paws and feet...

 Voila, our furry little hedgehog/porcupine... thing!
(I'd link a pattern if there was one..but I just invented it).
The next morning Azi woke me up and whispered:
"WAKE up Mommy... we need to sew more porcupines!!"

She barely let me eat breakfast - slave master - and then we whipped up a few friends.
(Hudson's lil' blue guy became a mutant  bear thing.. since I flipped the face pieces upside down by mistake.. oops).  A fun lil' trio of furries for the kids here.

Have you been creating anything fun lately?
Happy long weekend all!

Mel ;o)


  1. Tee hee, these are totally cute! Love their punky fur and I wanna squish them:)
    Awesome to see Azi so excited to make things and for you to be feeling a bit better!

  2. Amy Munro (Chapman)2 September 2013 at 12:33

    I so want one! Can you make me one? I will pay. I am coming home for baby shower on September 29th. I had pet hedgehogs, and I have collection.

  3. These are great! I'm so glad you're creating- you must be feeling better?

  4. Those are absolutely adorable!

  5. squeeee... thanks, glad you like them too! ;o)

  6. Thanks sweets, I guess I'm feeling a bit more 'ambitious' to create lately.. the mounds of fabric are at least taunting me to organize/use them! ;o) How are you feeling?? xx

  7. Aww, would love to Amy.. I remember you having them... and me wanting one!! ;o)

  8. ...you're welcome to come squishy these punks any time! Thanks for being sweet! xx

  9. you clever crafty mama you. those are super cute! i have been creating nothing but a new home ;)

  10. haha... well creating a new home is no small endeavour - eager to see what you come up with!! xx

  11. Super cute hedgies! <3 Glad that you have a renewed desire to make stuff. I have a feeling I'm going to have a creative winter. Right now, I'm still getting settled in the new place. It's starting to feel really homey around here :)


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