fears, faith ...and all this heart feels in between.

I'm not going to lie... there are still those moments of wide-eyed panic about having a third child in our nest.  Those moments when I think "now we'll be outnumbered, and we just got good at this tag-team parenting thing"...
Sometimes I just want to cling to another mother's apron and say "how do you do eeeeeet??!".
Especially if they have three.. or seven kids... or any number over one, actually.
Because secretly, any woman with over one kid still seems like a super hero to me (granted, moms of one are still amazing too)... but you watch these mothers of multiples and wonder: "you don't even seem half crazy... how do you do it?"  "I still have last weeks mac & cheese crusted on my shirt... how did you get yourself AND your children all dressed neatly?".
I still have cold sweats about trying to wrangle three kids into clothing and make it out the door with any trace of punctuality (and we are punctual-obsessed over here kind of people!).

So, I know there's going to be crazy times.
The crazy good... sweet... fill your heart to over-gushing goodness stuff....
..and that other kind of eye-twitching "Mama's going to need a time out" cra-crazy.

The good news is (that I'm slowly learning) even when the waves of life experiences seem to tower overhead and threaten to capsize your small boat of faith... God's got that whole ocean in the palm of His hand. 
That's my anchor.

I'm not going to lie... there are also moments of eager anticipation about having a third child in our nest.  The delight of watching these little people grow and develop...
...and as witnessed here, even calmly enjoy each other's company!

Birthing little buddies for the book crib,
mama Mel ;o)


  1. I hear you Mel!! Seriously, it's amazing how we have the ability to adjust. I'm still wondering how I'm going to manage myself, but Theo started kindergarten today, so often it will be just the 2 (soon to be 3) of them left at home. No matter how many you have, when one is away, it seem peaceful in comparison to having them all at the same time. Thinking of you and praying for you guys- it took us a good 6 months to get over the shock of the surprise ourselves!! But I think we're almost ready. One day at a time!

  2. Heh.. that's true - you just adjust to the 'new normal' and then wonder in amazement at how vastly different it feels when that's adjusted (i.e.. today Azi was with my Mom most of the day.. I was shocked at how PRODUCTIVE I was all day.. with just lil' Hud content to play while I actually got stuff done! lol). Let's pace each other for these new treasures on their way.. ;o) xx

  3. Sweeties :)
    I'd be equally worried and excited too! It's gonna be hairy for sure. And, it's gonna be awesome.


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