The best sound...

Yes, this was the snowy view we had outside our friend's cottage/home last weekend.
We were just 40mins north of our city.. currently being soaked in rain/high winds.
But it was a beautiful sight.

It also reflects a beautiful sound to me.

I don't know about you, maybe it's just the stage of life we're in now (cough:insert - laughing/shrieking/singing/hollering kids.all.day) but I am such a big fan of silence.

It's the best therapy.
The quickest comfort.
A salve to the soul.

It's also what keeps convincing my man and I that we are made for 'country living' in our future.
Away from the noises of industry, traffic... motorcycles with mufflers from Hades.

Do you love it?
Does it frighten you?
I know our culture loves to keep you entertained/distracted... from that moment where you can actually hear your own thoughts.
Or, as this comedian put it rather profoundly (though crassly, for some) we even may run from this silence/solitude.

When you look at your day - do you make time for silence?
Or, is the radio alarm clock playing in the morning, radio in the car, noise of the day.. and then T.V all evening?

Silence, it's a beautiful thing.
Even if it can feel like a torturous beast sometimes.. it's worth taming.
I'm learning how vital rich times of silence are for my soul.
Being still, resting in the presence of my Maker.

Mel ;o)


  1. Mmm... Love this! Quiet is needed for this mama too-- and there is nothing like the quiet of the falling snow. I love the sound of it;)!!! Beautifully written ❤️

  2. this reminds me of west virginia. i love when we visit and i love the sound of winter. silence. and i always try to make time for it. xo

  3. ..bet you wish you could put it in a jar and bring it home to the 'heat' eh? ;)

  4. ..isn't it? Love a good snow!


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