A spot of tea : Linen+Leaves

Calling all tea-grannies, and sweet sippers of the delectable brew!
Today I have a special feature for you.
My friend Stacy has an entrepreneurial spirit - she's always creating something simple and beautiful out of whatever loose ends life throws her way.
We've done a few craft shows together in the past, and her creations always reflect care and integrity.

She's now launching a new delicious business: Linen + Leaves.
If you're a fan of loose leaf teas... or would like to stock up for this upcoming festive season, now is the time to check out her many flavours!
For an added bonus, if you buy from her SHOP before December 10th, and use the promo code: needleandnest10 then you'll receive 10% off your entire order.

Happy sweet sipping friends!

Mel ;o)

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