D.I.Y: paint dipped pinecones (kid-friendly).

Finally.. an actual Do.It.Yourself crafty project from this blog... I bet you just choked on your egg nog to see this miracle!

Granted, we did quite a similar creation last Christmas.. (you may recall dipping pine cones in red paint with my daughter).

Anywho ~ this is one of those kid-friendly projects to decorate the house with for this festive season.
1. Dip pine cones halfway into a can of paint.  Let drip dry/brush off excess.
(Kids love dipping... but it's less messy if you just dry brush paint straight on to the cones).

2. While paint is still wet.. sprinkle sparkles all over it.
(Yes, this mama finally caved and brought the dreaded demon of sparkles into our nest!).

3.  Once they are dry, the adult can hot glue a dab at the base of pine cone and attach pretty ribbon or twine to hang the decor in your window.  Ours are all dangling in our large living room window... with this gorgeous view outside today:

Goodness, it's a merry sight!

Happy crafting with yourself.. or your kiddos!

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

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  1. love these!!! ah...now i need to go find pinecones under the snow!!!!
    Merry Christmas friend!!!!



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