The craftiest time of the year!

It's that time of year.
Once the first dusting of snow hits the ground.. my brain turns into Santa's workshop, just busting with creative notions wanting to be made!
There's the homemade decor for the nest to be created with the kids.
The crafting of gifts for loved ones.
The making of goodies to sell at a craft show.

Just time... and energy, required.... yeah, those are rare commodities aren't they?

Needless to say I've dusted off my long neglected sewing machine and wedged my bulging belly into the crafting corner - a few hours here, a few moments there.
My wrist warmers (seen above) are all ready for our local FOCUS FAIR.
They sell out every year.. but I think I made enough for now. (I'll only be there for Sun.dec.8th).

Then, there's the labour of love creation for our daughter... a fabric mini play house.
I'm very loosely being inspired by the pattern from One Yard Wonders here.
You know I hate patterns.. and committing to a project that takes more than one sewing session... but, if it turns out - it should be cute!

I'm also needing to add a couple more stockings to the mantle (granted I'm all out of this tree fabric so I'll have to get creative).  The rest of my scheming and dreaming will take the back burner until I know there's an inch of time/energy left to throw their way.

What about you?
Crafting and creating and homemade goodness this season?  Do tell!

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)



  1. I'm a crochet maniac at this point. I have so much to do and so little time!!

    I'm working on an amazing neck warmer at the moment. It's gorgeous merino wool.. and although I intended to make it for someone else, I'm growing closer and closer to keeping it for my greedy little self. (Isn't that the worst!!)

    Good luck with all of your crafting and the Focus Fair!!!

  2. i'm feeling a bit grinchy this year. i'm usually a holiday freak but not this year.... i'm not making anything. i am buying everything. bah humbug!


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