A.musing.mama! 1.10.

That moment that happens once every 360 days... where you child sleeps in!
I don't know about you, but I tend to do a happy dance of utter delight, if they keep sleeping I start to get paranoid that they've likely stopped breathing...
On a related note: did anyone else suffer the delusion that becoming a mama would somehow instantly grace you with the ability to be a 'morning person'.  Alas, four years in the making and I still can't thrive from getting the early worm around here. 
It's been quite a long time since my last edition of these 'parenting' comics... we'll see if I can whip up a few more in the future again!
If you missed the last handful of funnies - based on real life - then you can check them out here.

Happy weekend friends!
Mel ;o) 


  1. So not a morning person here. I love my husbands new schedule for work days as he's here (finally it only took 4 years) and gets up with our son at 6. Plus he does some dishes in the morning too!


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