the huge update:

By 'huge' you know I mean.. pregnancy and what not, right?
Because, yeah, I'm hitting that ginormous side of massive lately it feels like... pretty soon I'll be the new gravitational pull for all you fine folks who thought it was the Earth's job.

And, I still have a looonng way to go.
I think I've been in my fifth month for about a year now... in fact, I keep having to Google my due date to remember how far along I actually am.
Which, is 26 weeks by the way. (6+months!)
Only around 100 days left... um, can I get a chocolate advent calendar for that?

Speaking of chocolate, I get to do that Gestational diabetes test thing with my midwives this week... meaning: I get to eat a box and a half of SMARTIES and then they take my blood to screen/test my sugar levels... or, something like that.
Basically, I get to eat chocolate for my health.
So, I'm in.

In fact, I've been practising just to make sure I'm ready for the test, being a good mother and all.

Which leads me to acne,
I mean, the every-mama-feels-it moments of wanting a 'make-over'!
I've let my hair grow out to a big nest of frizzy fullness.
I drape my clothes around my growing form.
I still get acne like a kid in highschool.

You know, those little elements that help a woman feel like a sack of porridge left out too many days.

Now I know my heart matters more than the shallow surface of my skin.
And I value character more than cosmetics.
But we all have our weaker moments don't we?

I even want/need a new pair of glasses, and frankly, our lil' Hudson looks way cuter in them any way!

So that's just the mini-ramble on where I'm at here lately.. and I'll have you know that I'm also crafting for an upcoming Christmas show (Focus Fair -dec.8th!) so that's fun!

What's new in your corner of the world friends?

Mel ;o)


  1. Oh Man! I feel for you. Seriously. I am SO OVER being pregnant. I think I was pregnant for about 4 years straight. Enjoy the chocolate. Indulge. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore Junior is trying very hard (too hard) to curb my root beer intake. I mean, now that I'm taking care of 4, instead of 3, he should be thankful it's not something stronger that I'm drinking. Right? When all of this is over and long gone, I think we should get together and have a drink of root beer… or something stronger!

  2. Haha, a box of Smarties plus ten Smarties ;) When I told Rich that's how the midwives test for gest diabetes he nearly peed himself laughing :) Too funny!

  3. Oh man, you get Smarties? I did one today as a precautionary at 12 weeks as I had a bad reaction to my sons birthday cake and all I got was the crappy orange drink. You look amazing! New baby will be here before you know it!

  4. awwwwwwww.... mama, you are almost there? no, not really. but at least there is chocolate! hang in there. xo

  5. hehe, thanks sweets, yes.. there's always chocolate ;o) xx

  6. Wait... 12 weeks.. what? You're pregnant? I'm so confused, congrats?! I do love missing that crappy orange drink in exchange for smarties!! ;o) thanks Tash.

  7. plus ten...hmmmm? I best play it safe and down a halfer.. lol! I was pretty stoked the first time around with Azi when I heard about the midwives version of this test! ;o)

  8. Boooo Jr. booooo... root beer for the win forever! ;o) I'll bring you some mama.. we could both put them in beer helmets and sit on the couch together. lol xx

  9. Heh, that's just what they told me when I was preggo with G :)

  10. I'm sure you're hearing a whole lot of "awww"...here's my bit.
    Awwww, you are looking too beautiful!
    Beautiful heart, live sweet.

  11. you look adorable! and in no way huge (me on the other hand, HUGE.) I'm a bit late to this, but I hope you passed your GD test! And btw, I totally hear you on the acne front. I had it SO SO SO bad in the first trimester. thank god it's calmed down slightly. but seriously, I hated going out in public looking like i had the face of a 15 year old.


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