Latest Painting: Patchwork Valley.

Good Monday morning to you friends.

I mentioned last week'ish that I would update you on the final outcome of this recent commissioned painting I was working on.

Those with a stunning memory for detail may recall that this painting used to be my muted/foggy version of Patchwork Valley.  I opted to give it a more vibrant tone - with a glowing sunrise through the sky.  The rolling fields are more lush greens, and clusters of sheep and red flowers are speckled throughout.  The little house in the foreground became a little chapel as well.
The sky is a lighter blue than seen here.. but you get the idea.
(Alterations were made to suit this painting as a gift for a sweet couple that are moving away from our church/city.  I wanted them to take a bit of their familiar countryside with them to a bigger city, and to remind them of a little chapel they spent many tireless years serving and encouraging at).

In other painting news:  for any local folks wanting to see some of my larger paintings ~ they are back out on display at Haaselton's Coffee Shop downtown.

*I'll also be selling my mini Skyscapes paintings (5"x7") at the upcoming Focus Fair on Sun.Dec.8th at the SPILL coffee shop - 11-4pm!!

I'd love to send you home with one of my painted creations over the holidays!

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)



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