A.musing.mama! 2.2

I naively thought that the *melodramatic, prone-to-hyperbole/exaggeration* stage would hit us when the kids became teenagers...

Our sweetness and spice (read Jekyll and Hyde) four year old is becoming quite the master of this stage, and it's usually in response to some oppressive request we may make of her, for example:

* we say "Pick up your toys please" - she says "It's impossible there's TOO many!!"

* we say "Time to get dressed" - she says "This is the WORST day ever!!"... (at 7am).

* we say "Eat your dinner" - she says "I can't, it's too TERRIBLE!!" (or 'spicy' or there's some minutia of a fleck in a spot of the food).

* we say "I can't hear you when you whine like that" - she says "You don't even LOVE me ever!!".
Let's just say this gal is a prime candidate for drama camp.
What are some classic phrases your kids have blasted you with?

Happy weekend'ing friends!
Mel ;o)

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  1. On Azi. I can't imagine what that must feel like. I bet you want to fly back at her with, "I just baked cookies, played make believe, painted and read you a story! You call that never playing with you!?!" I would go batty or just get REALLY passive aggressive.

    Sorry to be a jerk, but I'm glad it's you and not me. ;)

    Good luck mamma bear. xox

  2. Feeling your pain mama! Reggie's favorite phrase in response to almost everything is "That's just awful! Oh, and also the classic groan/dramatic disbelief of "ghaaaa" accompanied by and eye roll and a stomping in the opposite direction of wherever I happen to be. We're working on it...

  3. Oh my goodness, you just made my night Mel, I am in hysterics over here. Are you sure you are not a fly on my wall observing my dear, sweet, overly dramatic and intense little Forest. He responds to my requests with the exact same phases, my favorite being "this is the worst day ever". And dinner, forget it, everything has to be separated, hold the spice, and there better not be a speck of anything on anything or else dinner is doomed. Oh, and he just can't clean up his toys because there is just "too many", groan, sigh, flail around on living room floor wailing "I just can't"... . Seriously Mel, the more you describe precious little Azi, the more I think Forest and her were separated at birth. Well they were born on the same day a year apart so that might explain something.
    Thanks for making this this tired Mama laugh, I am usually in tears at this stage of the night. Did I mention bedtime drama...now that's another story

  4. bahahah... I guess laughter is the best medicine for us, otherwise we'd be in the looney bin, eh? Maybe they were separated at birth - or we could at least pretend we're sisters! ;o)
    Thanks for sharing - maybe we'll run in to you guys again soon! Good luck over there mama. xx

  5. Heh.. sometimes I wonder if our friendship has helped them learn the dramatics from each other - lol! WE could enroll them in drama camp together.. and just think, Reg could come home wearing all sorts of fun costumes - wink wink. ;o)

  6. Lol.. oh Nicole you're funny - and it's true, the temptation is there to get all angry back at her, but as I'm sure you'll discover *WHEN* you have a bouncing bundle of babies - is that their 'logic' section of the brain is basically ruled by their 'emotive' dictator side ;o) xx

  7. Adorable! And hilarious, as usual!


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