A.musing.mama! 2.3

This is the gauntlet phase of many a meal time around this nest.
I'm sure you've all had your experiences with the 'picky-eater-syndrome' too... yes?

It's enough to make you want to order a lifetime supply of mac + cheese just to avoid the daily crisis of getting each food group in their bellies.

Oh, but snacks... we are champion snackers around here!

I shouldn't whine about their pickiness really, since they do love snacking of fresh fruits and raw vegetables (while I hide in the kitchen to eat all my sugary treats).
But if any meal has the tiniest trace of mushrooms or onions in them (currently) then this girl will fly in to a fast fit to avoid one mouthful.

What meals do your kids cringe at?
Delight in?

Happy weekend'ing friends!

mama Mel ;o)

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  1. I know I've said it before, but these comics are seriously the best. I think you should compile them into a book! I bet it would become a best seller for every new parent.

    Keep up the funnies... and good luck with your wee ones' tummies. xo

  2. ha! Thanks for the vote of support - I'd have to get them scanned or something to at least make them look better than these ... but who knows! ;o) xx


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