...nesting mode.

Here we are, one month left before lil' baby sister is due for arrival!

I'm still having delightful fits of 'nesting' around here too.
My craft corner in our bedroom is finally completely de-cluttered and reorganised.  (I even whipped off a quick sewing project there today for the first time in... ages).  I was starting to forget there was even a floor there under all the mounds of fabric!

Our bedroom and the kids room have been sorted through as well - not to mention the growing 'chaos closet' of kid's clothes that needed packing/purging.


 Is there anything that gets you cleaning all those forgotten corners of your home as thoroughly as bringing a new baby to the nest?!

Maybe special company (like, the queen or something).
Or, when you're moving out I guess.

Needless to say, the *minimalist* husband has been happy to see me shoving so many boxes of stuff out the door finally.  So, you could say we're all happily awaiting our newest arrival at this point!

Nesting mama,
Mel ;o)


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  1. Thanks for the sweet words Danielle - is has been lovely to purge and putter around the space here, but winters like these make you want to do that any way don't they?! We're getting very eager for this new addition indeed - eager to share the good news with you sweethearts too! xx


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