rainbows in winter.

Today is a snowy, icy, blustery, wintery Monday.
The sky and the ground are white washed.
So we are splashing the palette of the rainbow inside today!

Have a colour-full Monday friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. Glad to see Hudson is taking art as serious business like his momma!

  2. baha.. yesss... he knows the secret to art skills is how wide you can open your mouth! ;) Happy new year Gilli bean!

  3. enjoy your snow outside and your inside rainbows. Hudson is looking like such a boy and no longer like a baby these days....

  4. windchill is set to be around -30's to -40 C. up here... brrrrrr.. so we may 'enjoy' it from inside with the warmth of the rainbows for another week here!! Colder than Mars they say, lol! Yeah, Hud is becoming the big man on campus here - just in time to help with his new lil' sis on the way.. eeeeep! ;) xx

  5. Happy New Year!!! How are you feeling? Such special times. I was thinking just what lilmuselily was... Hudson looks like a big boy now! It is so cold... truly not a winter gal so this one has already been long & BORING. Kept our monkeys home today as buses were cancelled... and no we don't take the bus but we do love extended Christmas vacation. lol.

  6. Oh what a delight to hear from you! Isn't this winter a wild one?! Glad you got to savour another day with the monkeys close by.. I think a lot of parents were begrudging that extra snow day - so its nice to hear you guys enjoyed it! Hope you guys are keeping well? I'm feeling BIG, but good, last lap now.. end of Feb is go time. ;) xx

  7. Just caught up on all your blogs today. Have been out of sync with technology.
    But I soooo missed you and your family.
    God is really encouraging you to grow even more beautifully, and that is special.
    Much Love and Light

  8. Aww, lovely to have you back kind soul, and you're right - God is the only source of my growth in grace.. and I praise Him for it... thanks for your sweet words this new year. Warm hugs to your crew there! xx


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