...the real dirt:

I wonder, do you know that moment?
That moment when some one unexpectedly shows up at your door... and you look like a deer caught in the headlights?
You're wondering if you've even brushed your teeth yet today, while your eyes frantically comb the room for any signs of disorder that may appall your guest?  You've just lost your temper with the kids and everyone - including yourself - is about ready to wail again.

You're not feeling very hospitable.
You're feeling horrible.

I wonder, do you know that moment?
That moment when you've got the dishes and laundry put away.  You're actually dressed, and the kids are too.  The dinner is sweetly simmering, and you're all happily reading a book together on the couch...

... and you think: 'gosh, I hope some one drops by right now, and sees how wonderful our family is'!

 So, I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty sure most of us mamas struggle with balancing a home and being hospitable.
I've been thinking about it a lot lately.
Hospitality has become a big scary concept to many of us.

We assume it means: put on a good show.
As in, make Martha Stewart proud.  As in, have your home be the rival of any picture on Pinterest.  As in, be the smiling mom with serene children.
 We feel apologetic when people come over and see us caught in our mess.
"Sorry, it's not usually like this" and "I was just about to do those dishes" followed by "I haven't even washed my hair today".
Are we trying to convince everyone that we usually have it all together?
Are we trying to pretend that our kids are actually maids, and keep the house spotless?

Why do we all get so caught up in these ridiculous pressures to maintain the facade?
One word: pride.

Because pride is the real dirt.

Pride wants others to believe we have it all together.
If my house has to be spotless for you to visit - I'm showing the real dirt of pride - by trying to impress you with how clean I am.
How in control I am.
How 'not-a-mess' I am.

But humility is the best cleaning agent.

Humility says 'welcome, friend!'
I am what I am.
Our home is caught in the 'act' of life.
Life is messy and beauty-full.
Learn from our mistakes, learn from our dirty stains, I'm not here to lord over you.

Or, in the words of that movie we've all memorised:
"Love is an OPEN door".

Has love for others unlocked your doors?
Remember, most of us feel more at home in the chaos... because... it's real.

Mel ;o)

P.S: Dear local friends.. consider this your public invite/challenge to 'just show up' at my door for tea.  I really want to practice this humiliation humility posture.  Honestly, do it.
Yes?  Thanks!


  1. This is a good reminder. It's been a long, emotional winter and I'd shut the door and hung the closed sign a while back. Thank you. <3

  2. Aww, yes you guys have had a lot hitting you haven't you? I hope there's some quality people in your 'neighbourhood' who can just drop in and encourage you guys. I would crash your scene if we lived closer ;o) xx

  3. Hello there!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you
    enjoyed the post... I know it's a load off for my own heart to not feel
    compelled to 'put on a show' and keep the house too clean for visitors.


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