A.musing.mama! 3.7

The power of a compliment.

Husbands ~ consider your wives.  We sometimes wonder if you still see us as the attractive bride you married.  Now that the kids and the chaos of the daily routines have added gray hairs and jiggly pounds.  A kind word is like your 'super power' to charge our hearts!

Wives ~ consider your husbands.  He sometimes wonders if you have any thing else in your wardrobe other than yoga pants and men's t-shirts.  Dress 'up' for him like you used to when you were *trying* to attract him.  Throw on that shiny lip gloss he likes, and fluff out your hair five minutes before he gets home from work.

Sure, our value doesn't lie in the surface props... but it goes both ways, doesn't it?
Feel good, look good.
Look good, feel good.

Maybe I should go throw my hair around now,

Mel ;o)

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