Finished projects!

**bunting makes this girl real happy!**
 So she sews still.
She, being me, that is.

The projects are few and far between at this stage of life... as you can imagine.
So when I do sew - it's mainly small manageable projects for home (or for gifts). 

Now I'm a firm believer that *bunting* makes any room better.
(Some call them flags, banners, pinnies... it's 'bunting' to me).
And I'm now one more room closer to the goal of: 'bunting.in.every.room.of.our.nest'.

A happy combination of my favourite things: turquoise, lime, paisley, damask... for our big front window.

Our oldest daughter has inherited my aesthetic side, and squealed when she saw it hanging:
"Ohhhhh thank you for sewing those decorations mama,
it makes me soooo nice!"

Win, win.

Annnnnnd, in other sewing news: I recently made this tweet lil' hoot for a friend and her newest addition in their nest!
Features: turquoise vinyls, leather beak, wooden button eyes and fabric/felt body and wings.

What about you crafty friends?
Any projects you've managed to make lately?

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. That owl is so dear! Great job! Was there a certain pattern that you followed?

  2. I also believe that bunting makes every room better! Beautiful choice of colours too. I can NOT believe you are finding time to sew… and blog!

  3. Good - glad we're agreed on the bunting is better! Haha... didn't I mention that this 'two hour' sewing project took about two weeks to get done?? no? Bit by bit.. I do these things ;o)

  4. HI Erin, got your message - though can't see it here? Thanks.. I love making these wee owls.. no pattern to speak of I'm afraid - I just 'wing' them! (maybe I should make/post one down the road?) ;)


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