stop. chop. and roll.

Hey there friends,
It's been a while since I've done a quick *foodie* post - and today it's all about my favourite type of cuisine: THAI!

Back when my guy and I were young(er)... and had this crazy thing called 'disposable income' we used to eat out... like, a lot. But, the debate would always be about where to eat - because I constantly craved all things Thai, while Ben wanted a good pub meal of fish + chips.  Thankfully there's some awesome local restuarants that met both our palettes.

Anywho, now that we're old(er) and cheap(er)... we have to make the fine dining from home.

So recently I decided to whip up some spring rolls for some friends and our family.
This is a bit *labour intensive* simply because it's a lot of fiddly work.

I like to have all the ingredients chopped and ready on one side, with my large fry pan filled with (sugar) water on the other.

1) Soak a piece of RICE paper in the water until it softens to the touch (like the consistency of a deflated slobbery balloon that your toddler lets off in your face...).

2) Slip a new sheet into the water to start softening while you make the current spring roll.

3) Place a small portion of your ingredients on the lower third of the rice paper - like so: 
(Ingredients seen here: basil leaf + red pepper + mango + cooked chicken).
4) Roll up bottom piece over the ingredients, then flip both of the side panels over the middle and roll them up nice and tight.

Serve fresh with a sweet chili sauce.
You can also pan fry (deep fry) them for an extra greasy treat.

What's your favourite cuisine?

Mel ;o)

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