thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion. 12. {BLOOPERS}

 Well we are up and running again here... the laptop works(!), the sewing machine is whirring, the camera clicking, and this was the result:
A cable-knit catastrophe
A doily disaster
A vexing vest...
Yes, today's edition of taking something thrifted and sewing it into something nifty narsty is all about the blunders I encounter while creating.

 I was hoping to get two outfits for the slice of one sweater here: a sweater vest, and a cozy shrug.  Hence, the full circle cut-out of the back of this cable-knit sweater I had.
I soon decided to shrug the shrug, because I could only laugh at the thought of pretending to wear it seriously.  (Don't worry it goes to other uses...)

 Anywho, back to this vest thing... it was originally just going to be an exposed back.  But after hemming it for that purpose, it stretched way down past my posterior (you'll have to trust me, it looked silly).  My doily-brain then kicked in and said "hey, slap a doily in that hole for a real pretty back feature!".  So I did.
This is probably the point in the story where you start to think "didn't she just post last time about how her Ben hates vests?"... and yes, he took one look at this and went: 
"Seriously?  A vest.. and a doily??  Are you trying to torture me?"
At which point I used my stunning logic and retorted:
"No, no, it's not a vest... it's a sweater-vest!"
(He wasn't convinced either).
 We laughed.  This whole project has been a blunder from the start, really.
The cable-knit went all puckered out around the doily... so that was silly.  My gal there thought it was worth pranking the photo-op too, more bloopers!

 Now, back to that 'shrug' section.. I took the sleeve of the sweater and cut it into thirds.
The top (larger) piece was quickly edged with fleece for a funny lil' knit hat for the Hud'.
The wrist cuff became a simple 'cup-cozy' (not that I'm giving coffee to a baby).
The middle could easily make an infant toque... 
(For more ideas of how to upcycle a sweater you can check my previous projects with them here!)

So there you have it, full discloser from this nest.
Not everything I touch turns to gold... sometimes it just plain sucks.
Right now I'm just glad that my other cable knit sweater survived the chopping block.
It's keeping me nice and cozy on these crisp Fall mornings.
The moral of the story?
Experiment. Fail. Try Again.
Creativity will fly from these ashes.

Mel ;o)


  1. Good advice!! And believe me, not everything I touch turns to gold, either. I'm not sure that much of what I touch turns to gold, in fact. Which is maybe why I never ever ever craft! Ha.
    But the bottle snuggie, hat combo, that's a great idea!

  2. PS....thanks for your super kind words on my post the other day!!

  3. p.s... my pleasure ~ as is reading your eye-candy, belly-laughing blog!

  4. Hehe, thanks Erica! I'm pretty sure everything you 'snap' turns to gold tho.. you capture light with your shots beautifully!

  5. i see success here!! i wish i was this thrifty and creative when it came to sewing, not so much for me. and i love the cable knit hat!!

  6. I love cable knit sweaters. They're so cozy and warm and comforting! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to wear them. Seriously. My hubby hates them passionately. I really can't understand why. He has used arguments like, "Old ladies wear them." So I bought an extra large one in the children's section just to prove that they were not old lady wear, but that one made him shudder every time he saw me wearing it just as much as the adult ones. I've given up. It's just not worth the grimaces and contorted facial expressions I get every time I don a comfortable cable knit. I bid adieu to all my cable knit sweaters, and brought them to Goodwill with little good will in my heart. Enjoy them, my friend; if it was up to me I'd still be wearing that sweater you're cutting up! :)

  7. oh my.. that's hilarious and sad all at once!! Sorry for your loss. ;o) hehe. I'll save one here for you, next time you visit you can wear it (secretly)! ;o)

  8. Aw, thanks lovely! ;o)

  9. I have a number of items in my closet that I really really need to upcycle, but just can't bring myself even to make the first cut. Because, what if I mess up!? GASP! A lot of the items are clothes that don't fit me any more and really just need a little altering. But I am so NOT a seamstress, and I worry that even if I muddle through I'll make it even worse and not salvageable.....too bad I can't paint my way out of this problem.

  10. Hmm.. it may have to require a real 'adrenaline rush'.. but once you get cutting the clothes up, I'm sure you'll find your stride - call it an extreme sport! lol I'm barely a 'seamstress' and I still manage to muddle out a few salvages pieces. I guess the key is that you'd have to be prepared to 'donate/lose' the piece to begin with! You can do it Lis! ;o)


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