share the love (a giveaway of sorts)...

 Artists appreciate art.
Crafters appreciate crafts.
So nothing thrills this artist/crafter's heart as much as giving/receiving handmade-with-love creations!
Like these delicious 'rainforest green' knitted wrist warmers sent from my dear friend Lynn.
(Hi Lynnie.. hiiiiiiii!)
We both eagerly agreed to do a craft exchange and wondered why we hadn't done this sooner (we used to be house mates.. but then I got married, and she up and moved way out West with her man.. Hi Steve, hiiiiii!).
Anywho, she - being the sweetie-pants that she is - also included these funtastic turquoise glazed hand pottered buttons she made (she introduced me to pottery).
Aren't they just cute as a... yes.
She even threw in a crochet turquoise dishcloth too.

I also sent her a bunch of my hand crafted lil' goodies. Fun fun.
That same day I got a sweet letter from my blogger bud - Nicole.
While this delightful bunting behind me (from pages of this book ) was part of a BIG Christmas parcel from my Australian e-mail pen/pal (Hi Gayna.. hiiiiii!).

Fun mail is awesome.
I love it, don't you?

So I figured it's about time I share the love again... but only if you pay it forward too! ;o)

So here's the scoop:
First 5 comments here get a pretty lil' surprise handmade from me..  it may be a piece of jewellery, or art, or other crafty goodness I create for you.
It will flit flutter and fly over to your mailbox sometime in the following few months!
(Note: if you comment, leave an e-mail that I can reach you at for mailing info... if you leave your blog address my 'filter' will hold you message until I check it.. so don't worry if it doesn't appear right away.. I'll know you were here!).

But there's a catch - if you want to win a lil' love, you gotta give a lil' too.
Send something sweet to 5 more friends/folks in your life too.
Even if you aren't crafty... a nice tea, a mix CD, chocolate!

Ok, go!

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. I was waiting for someone awesomely crafty to join in on this thing...and you're just the lovely crafty person! I'm in:)

  2. i'm in too mama, you have inspired me. i am on a crafting hiatus of sorts since the craft fair season "crash". my soul needs some creating! this is a good idea to get my bum in gear on my blog too! i'll get on that tonight! i was looking for an excuse to not organize the play room this evening.... <3

  3. I'm going to comment because OF COURSE I want some of your handmade treasures, but since I have already done Craft it Forward, you are welcome to give your gift to a later commenter, I won't be offended. Either way, I'm stoked to see you're spreading the love. Two of my packages have already arrived in the hands of their recipients. It's so exciting to hear that they're enjoying their gifts.

  4. Well If anyone wants to share a gift--I'm #6--lol!

  5. hehe.. well, since it's YOU.. I may be convinced to sneak a lil' extra something in to your order! ;o)

  6. Of course - you you you win, it's about time some sweetness came back your way! xx

  7. ha - awesome! You'll have to msg me your address lovely! Fun times!

  8. You're a true martyr - what a kind gesture... for that noble act.. you win too! ;o) Really, what more excuse do I need to get something together for you since I wanted to write ya back anyway!! xx

  9. awww.. yippee! Now I get to send you more fun - thanks for sharing the creative spirit Gilli! xx

  10. Hi Mel! It's great what you are doing! If you are still doing this craft trade, I'd love to share with you! You are beautiful, lovely lady! You are awesome, and you show your heart to others all the time!

  11. aww that's very sweet of you to say.. you want to do a trade? What did you have in mind? ;o)

  12. Sadly, my busy life kept me from commenting on this way sooner, but I love this idea, and even though I won't be in the running, I'm going to share the crafting love!

  13. Emailed you, and asked a question back as I will return the love.

  14. aww, that's awesome Cristi! xx


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