A.musing.mama! 3.0


 I keep waiting for this baby to 'suck back my calories' with nursing - and reward me with my previous belly size.  (Much like her siblings kindly did before her).
No dice.
The easter chocolate isn't helping either.

So 'jelly belly' mama it is.
Time to take up belly dancing and embrace the jiggles I guess.

The husband gently reminds me that I *could* attempt exercising.. or restrain from the fistfuls of chocolate.. but I figure I'm just giving him more to love in this state, right.. right?

Ok, off I wiggle, jiggle.. go.

Mel ;o)

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  1. Bahaha. You're hilarious. I have much love for this one, as we transition into spring... and I still have all of my warm winter weight to work off. ;)

  2. hehe, thanks for the much love! ;o) Better cinch that gorgeous brown belt of yours around a few times then eh? lol... tho I doubt there's much to fret over on your end - ya beauty!

  3. Rocío L. Kater14 April 2014 at 20:11

    Hhahahhaha love it! i'm still leading with my Daniel's belly

  4. hehe - thanks! Those babies love to leave a 'sign' they were in there I guess... ;o)

  5. Lol. Jiggle wiggle we will! Together! :)

  6. yep. twins we are eh? Glad we're in it together, ha!


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