Spring scribbles and splashes of colour:

Azriel's "happy family...and dad has black hair".
Little brother's swirly scribble fun. (He's a lefty it seems).
Collaborative art between older sister and brother (for Daddy's birthday).
Azriel's happy people.
Flowers, a palm tree... Azi and her best buddy Reggie hanging out.
Just some cute colourful creations by our kids to brighten this gray spring day.

I love watching our kids create.  Watching their pudgy fists sprawl and scrawl across the open pages before them.  Seeing their little worlds and characters come to life.
I love looking back at pictures I drew as a child too - pasted into the tattered scrapbook my Mom had faithfully preserved for each of us kids.
I always drew my Dad with a green beard.
And all the people were always happy.
Despite the fact that their arms came out of their heads!

Now when our daughter makes a new masterpiece I often say "Wow - that's beautiful.. let's take a picture of it!"  because.. you know.. our fridge is running out of magnets - and every time you pop the door open to grab food an art gallery of drawings flutter and flop around you.
Maybe I'll make a photo book of their creations.
Maybe I'll turn them into wall paper for their rooms... ha.

 And there's my cue to hop off the computer - the lil' guy is proceeding to dump all the crayons and markers all over the table.. whheeeee!

Colourfully yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. loving these!! i have most of Lily's works stored in a big portfolio case. BUT i also made an art book of most of her best pieces. she doesn't have a baby book. but she has an art book. lol priorities....

  2. hahha.. priorities indeed - but that Lily does deserve a portfolio because.. wow.. her crazy skills!! ;)


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