the long and short of it:

Well friends, it's been one month.
A mere moment.
A lifetime.
All rolled in to one little bundle of baby here.

Yes, our Talia is celebrating her first month with us today (while her Daddy's birthday was just yesterday.. so we'll just eat extra cake for her!).

It feels like she's been a part of our family all along.
Yes, it's been a lot of bliss having her around.. but there's the reality of the not-so-fun bits too. 
 I tend to just scrounge a few hours of sleep here and there.
She's had congestion/cold for the past two weeks (half her life!)... which is unnerving to sleep near.  She hacks and snorts like someone trying to drown a warthog.
The 'baby acne' stage has also hit with full force... so her cherub cheeks are a frightful mess of extra pepperoni.
Her cute brown locks have fallen from her crown... so now she's sporting a 'skullet' with only hair at the back.

But's she's our pimply, snuffly, balding beauty!
I'm still desperately seeking to savour all the sweet little moments though.
Like clutching the grains of hour glass sand - they are so tiny, so frail, but so full of life and beauty all packed in there.

She already seems to stretch out across my lap, when before she could fit snug into the crook of my arm.  And while there's those moments of wishing she would just 'grow past' these early stages of night feedings and bowel screamings... I don't want to lose this teeny baby stage either.  I guess all of motherhood is a combination of extremes and opposites.  
My heart feels a muddled jumble of exhaustion and elation, anger and adoration, despair and delights.  One moment I'm complaining 'at' her for keeping us up the whole night.... and then she flashes me a gummy smile in the dim light of the room, and I melt.
"Lets stay up all night so I can gaze at you" I coo.

Happy one month little lamb.
We love ewe.

Mel ;o)



  1. She is so lovely! I love how you always mix in real life bits with all the glorious parts...and it always feels so familiar~ I kinda like that about cha;) xx

  2. Aw, thanks for those kind words friend! You're a big ol' mess of sweetness - and I kinda like that about chu ;) Hugs to the kiddos!

  3. she is looking wonderful and you are such a super mama!! hope you get some good rest soon. xo

  4. gosh.. you're sweet - I'd say a pretty average 'trying to be super' mama.. lol! Rest will be a fleeting luxury for the next few years here I think... so glad for coffee! ;o) Hugs to you friend.


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