cookies + chaos.

Well hey there friends,
here's a little dose of our daily reality for your reading pleasure.. or, something.

This wild little lass and I like to bake together on days we're feeling particularly house-bound (when she's not colouring up her masterpieces seen yesterday).  Like most activities 'pre'children - baking is now considered an extreme sport.  

So we strap on the cute aprons and dive in.

Melt butter.  Wait.. that's too melted.. now it's scalding lava splashing across the floor.  We'll use the kitchen as a slip n' slide for the day.

Get out the needed ingredients.  Keep daughter (who gyrates the entire day long) from falling off her chair.  Take a deep breathe and prepare to bake.
Wait.. now the baby (who is 'supposed' to be sleeping) has conveniently decided to start wailing.  Which wakes up older (2 yr old) brother from his nap.. more wailing!

Stomp upstairs, grab the boy.
Soothe the baby.
Go back to kitchen where daughter is whining her dismay at having to 'wait patiently'.

Chuck the ingredients quickly into a bowl before the next cycle of chaos hits.
Turn on the mixer.
Wait.. that noise sends the son into a fearful fit of shrieking (much like the vacuum... men's voices... and the fluttering of a bird's wing 10 miles away).

Heave son on to hip.. stomp back to the kitchen.
Wonder why you even opted to bake cookies in the first place.
Remember that the pay off of stuffing sweet therapy in to your mouth is only 10 minutes of baking away.  If we can make it that long.

Cream all the ingredients together.. throw a quick video on for the kids to distract from the noise of the mixer.. and now this ear worm of a Disney song is trapped in your head (again!).

For the sake of speed, drop huge spoonfuls of the cookie dough on to baking sheets.
Fight temptation to lock yourself in bathroom and eat the raw dough.
Realise you only have one baking sheet - and blame husband for likely leaving the others at church potlucks!

Hit the oven timer for 10 minutes and throw up your hands like a hog-tying cowboy.
Inhale the sweet smell of victory.

mmmMMMMMMmm... golden buttery chocolaty therapy for the senses.

Another sweet moment of creating and chaos in our nest.

It's how we roll.

Mel ;o)
The recipe we used is found here.


  1. Cute description of real life cookie baking with children under 5! that was great!! But who was taking the picture? I would enlist those hands to drop the camera and soothe some chaos....but than again taking pictures of real life, helps you see the beauty of everyday moments!

  2. Now I want cookies! Everyone is outside with Daddy right now... :)

  3. hehe... hope you get your 'fix' baked up quick! ;)

  4. Ha.. good question! It was a timer camera moment... originally I was planning on taking pics of a 'fun baking session'.. but then, reality hit, lol! xx


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