6 weeks!

Well friends, it's now been 6 weeks.
6 weeks since we brought home this bundle of squeaking, squawking sweetness.

6 weeks since our family became a set of five.
Our 4.5yr old suddenly looked like a teenager (and suddenly turned into a 'mom' for her sister).
6 weeks since our son became a 'big brother'.
Now he has the cutest smile for her and say "hold 'er?" 
Yes, our Talia is fitting in just fine here.
It seems like she's growing right before our eyes.
In fact, her last midwife appointment today confirmed that she's packed on 11lbs now.
We're now entering that delightful stage of 'make the baby laugh'.
My face is getting sore from making such huge smiley faces as I try to win her adorable gummy grin.  Oh, and the coos and garble giggles are starting too... which is enough to make you melt.

Seriously, every person would quit their day job to do this.
I may just put it on my future resumes: "I made babies smile".
It's the job and the payroll all in one!

Back to work I go,

mama Mel ;o)

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