A.musing.mama! 3.2

every.conversation with my mama friends is like an Alzheimer's convention.

 Any train of thought is derailed within five minutes (which is usually about the time it takes for one of our children to have an epic meltdown about another friend "not sharing" one of the gazillion toys they've scattered across the floors).

I used to enjoy meaningful, uninterrupted conversations with my friends...
over coffee, that wasn't cold by the time I got to it.

 So dear friends,
those of you who are in the trenches as mamas and 'get' where I'm at, thank you.
Those of you who wonder why I'm in a continual fog with eyes drifting to look for kids in danger... I'm sorry you're feeling a bit unheard.
I'm listening, really.
Well, kind of.
Sorry... what were you saying?

Mel ;o)

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  1. Cracking up! I can relate;). Your Momma comics make my day. I used to meet my friends at coffee shops for long heart-to-hearts. Last time a sweet friend wanted to meet at a coffee shop, I chuckled and told her I thought that we were now mcdonalds with a play place kinda people (we had 7 kids combined;).

  2. Ha, totally McLovin' coffee people indeed (though I fear it will by *OUR* kids stuck in the slide there!) Thanks for being here, love getting feedback from other mamas who 'get it' at this stage of life! ;o)


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