turning over a new leaf:

 A fresh bouquet of lilacs.
A warm cup of coffee.
An open book.

These are the moments of sweet solitude and serenity I savour.
Now if any of you have been around this blog for a while (almost two years ago) you may remember that I had confessed to not reading books.... like, ever.
Maybe it was post-college book burnout, but I was never keen to pick up a book and read if I was afforded any *spare* time in the day.  Who has time to read?  I just wanted to craft, create, and post d.i.y's in the past.

But now I read... and read.
Thus, the creating is happening in my mind - new worlds, new thoughts, new perspectives!

I've been marinating a lot of my time in books about motherhood... my husband says it's a sign of reading to the point of 'saturation' on one topic when I start to find that all the books are saying the same thing to me.  Hmmm.  Moving on then.

I'm also re-reading some of my favourites about living a Christ-centered life.
The simple truths are the ones we need to be constantly reminded of it seems.
Maybe I should start posting book-reviews here, but for now.. here's a list with links to all the books I've been most enjoying over the past few months:

Motherhood (from a Christ-centered perspective):
* Christ in the Chaos. - Kim Crandall
* Surprised by Motherhood. - Lisa-Jo Baker
* Fit to Burst. - Rachel Jankovic
* Housewife Theologian.- Aimee Byrd

Christ centered living:
* Counsel from the Cross - Elyse Fitzpatrick/Dennis Johnson
* Broken-Down House - Paul David Tripp

....and a few more... that are all singing the same note: grace, grace, grace!  I keep thinking that every author is saying the same thing (no matter which book I happen to be in) so methinks this is the message God is trying to get through: nothing I ever did/or will do can change the great love He has lavished on me through His Son Jesus.
While the more I reflect on, and wonder at, that great love which took my place on the cross... the more I am inspired to live a life of gratitude and worship.

So there you have it,
this ol' dog can learn new tricks.
Or, I'm turning over a new leaf... well, many leaves actually.

Bookworm mama,
Mel ;o)



  1. If you're an old dog, I'm an ancient one. I love your heart my dear; look forward to our next chance to share!

  2. hehe.. bowwow! You're my bookish example too A.D.... dinner next week?! ;)


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