a park, a praise.

It's been a fun-family-friend packed weekend here and I hope yours is going well too!
One of our favourite things to do is take a hike through the 'woods'.
(You locals will recognise the park with the pagoda bridge).
We bumped Talia's stroller down the path... jolting and jerking it over the rocks.
While little Hudson likes to meander like molasses on a warm day.
Azriel skips along like a woodland sprite (as long as the reward of a 'picnic' or 'snack' is anticipated).  She borrowed my camera for a bit and eagerly went snap-happy wanting to "take pictures of all of God's creation!!"
That also meant 7 consecutive shots of the ground.
I spared you those pictures.
Being around nature is like the recharge button for our spirits.
Seeing the leaves budding with glowing greens.
Smelling the damp earth and the birth of blooms.
Squinting at the crystal kaleidoscope of sunlight off the river.
Birds chirping.
Bugs buzzing.
Sun glowing.
Sky blue'ing.

All things bright and beautiful,
all the praise of God's creation.

Where have you and yours been adventuring?

Mel ;o)

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