two sweet...

She's celebrating her 'two month birthday' by conducting symphonies in her sleep.
Those delicate fingers dance through the air while her eyelids flutter to rest.
Then all is still.
All is quiet, but for the soft rapid snoring of her tiny frame.
And yes, I'm still absolutely ridiculously smitten with this newest addition to our nest.
In fact, all of us here are.
Big sister Azriel still acts like it's Christmas every morning - rushing up to her baby sister like she's the biggest present with a bow on top.  During the day she always wants to help me put Talia down for a nap saying "I'll pray and sing for her, Mama" and then she spontaneously blurts out the sweetest prayer thanking God for such a 'sweet baby sister...' and hums her rock-a-bye-baby.
Big brother Hudson is pretty fond of her now too, occasionally bringing over a soother to shove in her face or offering to "hold 'er?" any time I'm carrying her around.
And Ben - sweet Dad - has the brightest smile for his little girl.

Happy two months little lamb.

Mel ;o)


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