in pictures....

a weekend in pictures.
a getaway.
a family reunion.
sunscreen and sand and squint lines.
coffee and conversations and chocolates.
reading and relaxing and robots.
Overall, a happy mother's day weekend.
Though coming home from a getaway with kids is a bit exhausting... we almost need a holiday from the holiday... you know what I'm saying?

Hope your weekend was a loverly one friends!

Mel ;o)


  1. yes!! i totally know what you mean and i only have one. looks like a great getaway. xx

  2. hey! we were just there this past week-end too...same beach, same cool wind and warm sand, same funky "shopping" center....with weird and wonderful designs!
    perhaps you saw the crazy woman on the side of the road, taking pictures of dairy cow

  3. wah... we missed you?! That's sad... we were over at the Breaker's side of the beach.. the hotel there. Hope you guys had a fun weekend though! xx

  4. hehe.. and you do getaway often too it seems! It was a fun spot.. other than the bugs... at least the beach is still pretty empty at this time of year! ;o)


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