confession: caught in the clash of contradicting character.

 Do you ever feel like a walking oxymoron?
A crazy combination of opposites?
I know I do.

Like the list of traits seen above... my character holds both extremes,
I'm just not sure if that means I'm balanced ... or have a split-personality! ha.

Those who know me probably laugh when I say I'm introverted,
since I'm also a very outgoing person... I think of myself as an introverted-extrovert.
Like a battery operated drill, I'm feisty for a short-term outing, but soon need to get back in the nest to really recharge.

 What this looks like in reality is that one side of me is constantly filling up my day planner with friends to visit... while the other half of me wants to lock the door and hide away.
That's normal right?

Weird part is, I pursue introverts as friends (maybe I like the challenge of drawing them out of their caves too!).  Some of my pals could even teach the Witness Protection Program a few lessons in 'going off radar'.  But, I'm pretty relentless in harassing tracking them down for a cup of tea.
Deep down it's because I think us introverts struggle to get 'out' sometimes. 
We want to connect... but the process seems so daunting. 
Trick is, we need to connect.
Like I wrote before about community, I believe our souls were created for it.
The least we can do is try to help each other by reaching out instead of crossing our arms in the safety.security.silence of our own cages.

Especially in this day and age.
It's becoming all to common to have a gazillion 'friends' online... but not have one person you can sit across a table with and talk to.
We are the generation of worldwide relationships, but no one within walking distance.
Social, but secluded.
A dangerous clash of contradictions in my opinion. 

Don't get me wrong, I love this forum for connecting with you lovelies!
And I think a lot of introverted folk make wonderful bloggers.

I'm just preaching (at myself mainly) to make sure it doesn't replace the daily effort to step up and step out... and embrace the hearts around me.

So how about you?
Are you an inny or an outy?  

Peeking out on purpose,
Mel ;o)

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  1. Not shy anymore :o)19 June 2012 at 12:42

    We both know you were driven to me because I WAS an extreme introvert.  My how life changes the way you need to be eh?  So glad you were extroverted with me... I'd still be hiding in some corner refusing to make eye contact and verbal responses without you ;o)

  2. I definitely feel like it's good to be both. It's totally easy to hole up in your home and not go out or spend time with friends and even for someone like myself (I consider myself to be very social) I go through phases of spending too much time in the house with Mikey, not going out...and that's when I need to remind myself that I always have such a great time when I go out with friends and to get off my lazy butt! Hahah

  3. Hehe. I love that first photo of you. I'm similar to you. I'm both an inny and an outy. I made myself a promise this year that I would reach out and make some real life connections. I do have a lot of friends in real life but living in the country means that no one lives near me. I didn't think I'd get lonely out here because I love to be alone but then again, I love to be around people too... And lo and behold, I've made some real life blogger friends who I think would all consider themselves innys and outys (that includes you). ♥

  4. Erin Ellenberger March19 June 2012 at 18:53

    Took the words right out of my mouth lovely!
    Exactly why I removed myself from Facebook...not sure if I want to go back or not.
    Thanks for always making me feel better about my own (similar) contradictions and feelings.

  5.  Oh really? Wow, thanks sweet mama.. I'm honored that you resonate with these thoughts, and blessed that you and I can share in this jumbled mess of crazy hearts! ;o) xo

  6.  Aww, you're the bestest Andrea - and I think you're awesome at 'social mobilizing'.... a.k.a getting us off our butts and doing cartwheels in a park! lol  I love the blogger friends I've made too (and that includes you) ;o)

  7.  True true!  The mix is nice... hopefully the best of both worlds really... quiet times to savour the sweet moments in our nest, and fun times out with friends to enjoy as well!  You're lovely Carly!

  8.  hahhahahah, I only take partial responsibility for that fact, you brought the best out in me too! ;o) xo

  9. Same contradictory mix :o(

  10. I'll add a masculien voice to the conversation -- I totally identify with that. I feel like I'm an introvert who gets forced to masquerade as an extrovert for work, life, and fun. I even feel like I can do it pretty well sometimes, but at my core I just want to be back on my chair in my living room in peace. It's a really hard balance to find. Like Erin said, thanks for making me feel not-alone in it!

  11.  That's why I love you! ;o)

  12.  Hey Andrew! Thanks for adding some 'testosterone' to the mix... and it made me think of that quote about how we're 'introverts living in an extroverted world'... something like that, how we need to put it out there in the workplace etc, to not get steam-rolled by others and all that craziness.  If I recall, you were always a pretty animated - but amiable - fella to have around, lol   :o) thanks for sharing!


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