A.musing.mama! 3.4

Ok, so this isn't so much a *funny* comic from our life.. as much as it's a sweet moment that I wanted to remember.

Because some days that girl can push our limits.
Some days she can feel like a bur clinging to my side the entire day... and even a trip to the bathroom is met with "whatcha doing mama?!"
Because some days she like to throw down - and in her dramatic tone cry that 'this is the worst day ever!!' and 'no one lets me do anything!!'.

So when she grabs a dandelion, puffs her lips into a kiss and blows with all her might, and then whispers: "I wish, I wish... with all my might, that we'd be a family forever" my heart glows.

Then I remember, she's our special treasure.
She delights in being a part of our family.
And, the reason she may cling like a bur is because she loves us all sooooo much!

Have a sweet weekend friends,
Mel ;o)
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  1. I love your musing mama comics and your blog. You are a shining example of a godly woman. Keep it up! I would love to run into you again and your darling family.

  2. Got your message Laura (not sure why my blog ate it here tho..) thank you lovely, those are kind words indeed ;) We'll keep our eye out for you and your wheels!


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