hot mama!

Well stick a fork in me... because I am done.
Actually it kind of feels like someone jammed a fork in my ear and scrambled my brains up a bit, what with this unrelenting heat wave of a week we've had here.
So what better time to check in with you lovelies, than when I'm all sticky and grumpy, right??

Seriously, I am an Autumn girl to the core.
I really try to *pretend* to suffer through summer... without complaining much, but who are we kidding?  I'm drained of all creative energy, want to flop around the house like a forgotten lump of porridge and get short tempered with the kids (who are just as crabby).
So yes, I do whine, complain and bemoan about this heat wave.

I've tried to spare you that giant dose of grumpy cakes, hence, my absence here! har har.

A few of our go-to 'coping mechanisms' for this season include:

 Blending up crazy amount of our plucked strawberries into smoothies.
I'm totally plundering Ben's freezer stash for future 'jam' and making smoothies 24/7.
We also live off those pure fruit freezies.  And while I'd gladly scoop out a bed in a tub of ice cream, it does appear that I am becoming lactose intolerant.. ho-hum

 That boy... and his big sis, love the water.  We finally took them to a nearby beach this week.. and they loved it too.  Normally we just soak around in the kiddie pool here... or the tub when it's too stifling outside.

Lastly, we live like vampires.
All day the curtains are drawn, windows sealed tight.. so it's at least a warm 28 C/85 F in here.
I wish the night's were cooler lately... that's when we fling open all the windows to catch a lick of fresh air after being sealed in with babies and cat litter all day.

So yes, we have air conditioners in our bedrooms - thank God.  Hence, my bedtime is averaging between 8:30-9pm because I'm just a crazy party animal.

 I really do miss being a productive person.
I miss my creative projects, my artistic outlets... my desire for any of those things.
Once this heat wave passes I may have a fighting chance again.

For now, I remain a depleted mess of laziness - with a sweaty nose.
How's the summer treating you friends?

Mel ;o)


  1. It is like 34 degrees right now in my living room. My brother sent us money today to get an air conditioner so we've installed that in our room but man is it ever hot in the rest of the house. J will be sleeping in our room until this heat wave cools down!

  2. I hear ya! I thought my sweating 24/7 days were long over (Martinique), but this summer is the worst. We do have air conditioning, but it's pretty weak. Still, better than nothing. And the sprinkler in the backyard is wonderful. But I love Fall too. I can't wait for the cool fresh air. I'm taking cold showers right before bed. That helps, for awhile. And we can always go down to the basement if it gets too bad. Hopefully when you're here it won't be too hot, but if it is, we can chill out downstairs! See you soon!

  3. i soooooo know how you feel. ugh it's the worst. i feel like that half the year because well... miami. we have had a very rainy week here. we have been mostly inside. stay cool! xo

  4. Oh I don't know how you do it down there Claudia! I'd be one big fat hissy fit for half the year there.. lol!

  5. Phew, I knew you'd hear me on this.. AND you have a built in heater cooking up there too.. lol.
    Yes, I hope its cooler when we come, because our car doesn't have A/C!! ack. Looking forward to it!! xx

  6. ugh, that was kind of your brother though. The only down side to having air in ONE room is that it makes the rest of the house feel unbearable! Lord, bring this heat wave to and end! ;o)

  7. Gillian Veitch19 July 2013 at 07:59

    I have no A/C at all..and we haven't quite found all the pieces to the curtains yet, so we have some awesome cardboard boxes sort of blocking a few windows, lol.

    Keep cool lady!

  8. No A/C, no curtains, and everything wide OPEN....catching every tiny breeze - beautiful!!

  9. Wish you were just a tiny bit closer so you could all come here to cool off!!! Hate to read that you are suffering with this heatwave... it has been just so intense!!! You are almost there... we are supposed to get a good storm later on and then a nice cool refreshing front is moving in... let there be fresh breezes to fill our homes soon. Your smoothies sound beyond delicious.

  10. Lord have mercy, I hope that storm is brewing a beauty relief up soon!! I wish we were closer too sweet mama! ;) xx

  11. baha.. almost as ghetto as getting the big wolf towel hanging in your window.. better get on that! lol ;o)

  12. I would guess its just a hint cooler out there in the green space? I always find it amazingly cooler near the woods... than in this concrete zone, stay cool Annie! xx

  13. Feel better? As we flung our windows open this morning was thinking of you and yours.

  14. Gillian Veitch20 July 2013 at 09:40

    Oh no, not the wolf blanket!! those are so ghetto. I stayed in this house hotel in Montreal once that only had horse and wolf blankets on the bed. It was a very strange (but cheap!) place lol

  15. over 100 and humid humid humid here all this week..and no air conditioners..yeah i've been a crabby pants with no energy all week! today, finally the weather has broke..only in the high 70s and random thunderstorms - soooo much better!!

    here's to waiting for fall weather!

  16. Isn't that humidity torture.. I always say those days feeling like a big sweaty hug from a sumo wrestler who won't let go! This break of cooler weather is absolute bliss now!! ;o)

  17. YESSS! Ours are wide open.. and so is my smile now! Lovin' it! Happy weekend mama. ;o)


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