here + there.

sailboats + sunspots.
simpler days + pioneer ways.
little cuties + little chapels.
summer blue eyes.
A few shots from our recent outing with friends to a Pioneer Village this past weekend.
I was hoping to throw in some other shots here too.. beauty sunsets of late, steeping tea, boring daily tid-bits... but yeah, my flash drive got all grumpy!

I believe it was about this time last week I was moaning on about that wretched heat wave.
Well, today I enjoyed a warm pair of socks, many delicious layers of clothing and a hot tea in my hand to welcome this refreshing cool snap of breezy goodness!  What's happening in your area this week?

Most days this summer we're still trying to find little adventures.
Parks, road trips, visiting friends.
Still working part-time too!

This wee blog feels rather neglected, but I'm ok with that for now.
Nothing 'personal' of course.... you guys rock!
For those of you who still check in and journey with us, I'm delighted to have you here.
I hope to feel a bit more *creative* again soon - and miss it's presence in my life/blog.

Lastly, I skipped Monday Mamalogues this week - for those who want to link up - I WILL be doing it this coming Monday... with a bit of wild news to share too.
Stay tuned friends. 

Happy days to you and yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. We went to Lang a few weeks ago with my sister and her family. I hadn't been since I was a kid. What a blast.
    Azriel is at a perfect age for it, all that space to run around in while outdoors.

  2. Beautiful pictures.
    Oh those rosy cheeks and blue eyes!
    You are truly blessed with those bundles!!!
    Looking forward to link up:)

  3. I love pioneer villages. I have been to a couple, one in BC and another in New Brunswick and I had so much fun in other. The one in BC felt a bit like the Deadwood. Ha.
    Great photos as always. The kids are looking happy and healthy.
    I look forward to your wild news on Monday! Have a nice day. I hope the cool weather stays for you.
    (It's HOT HOT HOT here... but I'm not complaining, the last two weeks have given us the first warm weather of the season.)

  4. Aw, thanks lovely, I would have to agree... they are a blessing indeed! xx Eager to have you back!

  5. Yeah, I was impressed by it... lots of cool stuff and details put in place.. we got in free since it was near the end of the shift there! lol The kids loved it! ;o)


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