salty + sweet.

It's rare that I put our daughter to bed.
Ben and I usually 'tag-team' so I put lil' Hudson to bed.
Tonight was one of those sweet nights where I got to tuck her in too, though.

We snuggled in the cool covers, and I asked her:
"What was your favourite part of today?
Was it the beach we went to.. and splashed in the water?
The fries we got on the way home?
The nap... and then the fun afternoon at your friends house splashing in the yard?
The strawberry dessert after dinner with mama,
or running in the sprinkler with dad?
The story before bed?"
As expected, her response was:
"..the FRIES!".

quickly followed by:
"you're my favourite part of my day, cuz you're my best mommy".


 So we thanked God for sunny days and warm beaches,
good friends and yummy fries,
 and the LOVE that He has poured into our family.
oh, and this sweet sweet delicious cool rain that has finally soaked our sun parched lawns and gardens... and filled this stuffy house with cool breezes!  Heavenly!

Happy weekend'ing friends,
Mel ;o)

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