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Hello out there lovelies!  I've been terribly negligent of you haven't I?  I thought I better pop by the nest here and let you know we're still alive... and soaking up this summer.

The flower gardens are all a-bust around here, bursting their colours from each petal.
Azriel still wants to pluck one for me every day too... just like last summer.
(The cats still want to eat them and barf all over the floor too.. lovely). 

This past weekend we had a great time hosting our first 'backyard neighbourhood bbq'.  Ben did a great job on the meal (over the heat of the bbq) while we all chatted with our friendly neighbours, and watched the kids squeal through the kiddie pool and play games together.
I hope we can host more of these in the future, nice neighbours are a blessing!

The next day my older sis hosted a family get together/bbq out at her place... so more fun was had in the sun.
Speaking of sun... this heat/humidity is still leaving me pretty wilted.  I'm such a wuss.
Wrangling kids just adds to that level of depletion too - since our lil' guy is totally at the stage of wanting to climb/crawl up/over anything that could mean imminent harm to him!  Gah!
Or, if he's not ripping my fabric hoops off the wall - he's whipping every.single.toy off the toy shelf.
Yah, fun times.

Ok, so that's my lil' rant on where we've been lately.
I'll still be infrequent around these parts... but you know, stuff is happening.
 Soooo I bid you toodles for now!

Hope you and your loved ones are keeping well,
hot sticky hugs to you all.

Mel ;o)


  1. I'm glad to read that you're alive and well, my friend. Good luck with the roaming toddler and the heat. I hope the kids are kind enough to let you in on the kiddie pool fun.

  2. Aww.. thanks bud! I like to dip my toes in.. and then have a heart attack because it's ICE water straight from the tap that our daughter can splash in! lol Hope you're keeping well pal!


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