here + there.

buddies + bruschetta.
caught berry red handed.
girls night + music fest.
jammin' uncle + dancin' Azriel.
family feasting + frisbee fun.
silent evening of sewing.
cafe date with my guys.
Another week, another peek at some of the moments in/around our nest.
It's been a fun, full one had here!
Summer time is BBQ time with friends,
splashing in the kiddie pool,
sipping sweet drinks at cafes,
and all the usual things of family life too. 
I've been almost giddy with this glorious cooler spell of weather we've had here.
The necessity for layers just thrills my soul!
Even while at a concert with my gal pals to hear this guy... we were desperate for the warmth of a hot chocolate - so I disappeared for five days just to find us all one!  (Food lines at free outdoor concerts are a lesson in patience).

 The rest of the holiday weekend was spent with family and church friends, and having beautifully synchronised huge naps with the kids... love that!
I haven't been feeling really *creative* lately - which for me, is like totally crazy.  I think working part time and filling the other days with every thing else has tapped that energy out a bit.
So just sitting for a session of sewing the other night was a fun boost.
I feel like I need to just keep sewing light, loose skirts...
... cuz, um... I feel really *pudgy* lately.
Like, suddenly all my cavalier snacking sessions and lack of any real 'cardio' has caught up with me.  I really wish I was pregnant.. just so I could blame this 6months gut on something other than me!  (Yeah, I'm not, thanks).
So anyway, there's my little girly-self-loathing-body-shaming morsel for you.. I'm not often focused on such a superficial concern, but I really just want my clothes to fit properly again!
Somebody hold me accountable to pass on the chocolate!
Ok, that's where my head is at lately...
How's yours spinning out there?

Mel ;o)


  1. Not going to hold you accountable to pass on the chocolate (because I can't keep myself in check). (Have I told you how Jakarta made me gain five kg {and when I say five, I probably mean seven}).
    I have such an ambivalent relationship with body image. I mean, I really liked it when I was seven kg skinnier, and I keep telling myself to buck up and eat better, and exercise more, but there's a limited amount of time in the day, and I also think that food is amazing, and life isn't life without butter, you know? Sigh.
    Annnnnyway, that bruschetta looks amazing! Thanks for the idea. Maybe weekend lunch??

  2. baha.. I hear you.. I like fitting my clothes that I OWN... but I also really, really like food and not being restricted from any craving/whim I may have! ;o) That bruschetta WAS amazing.. thanks to the hubs, and basil from the garden, and lots of garlic and everything else.. mmmm! Now I want to eat.. great.

  3. Great to know that you are having a fun summer! I wish we were closer so we could enjoy some of it together.
    Moving's been taking up our life these days. Just over a week now! Crazy. But we did manage to make it to Niagara Falls last weekend and set off some firecrackers. So, we're finding some time to fit in some fun here + there ;P
    Naps sound so luxurious.


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