Well lovelies, summer is really, truly, actually here it seems!
Just two days ago I was saying how lovely and cool it was.. and bam, we got hit with the heat wave rippling across North America.  ick.

Today I felt like an absolute zombie... and thanks to my amazing Ben who took charge of the house/kids/meal, I was able to loaf around bemoaning my lethargic condition (low iron issues I figure).  I hope to bounce back quickly since there's a lot of summer to be enjoying!

You may notice things getting a bit quieter on this front too.  While we're all out and about, who has time to write/read blogs... amiright?  I'll post the usual bits... and whatever else may cross my creative path, but just fewer times a week, likely.
Enjoy the vacation friends!

Have a fantastic summer (or, um.. winter if you're the flip side)!

See you around I hope,
mel ;o)


  1. Summer is definitely my favorite time of year, but it has cooled off here. I love the heat of summer. Hope you have a fantastic day.


  2. such cute shots of you all. we got back in miami and it is hot and humid. i have had a headache since we arrived. but then again, it might be due to the fact that we returned to a burglarized home and even though i have to unpack, all i really want to do is pack up the house because i don't want to be here. xo

  3. aww... I hope you - and your nest - start to brighten up real soon there, friend. I'm sure you'll settle in and make it feel right again soon. Hugs your way! xx

  4. Well you can have it all to your sweet self then! lol.... I'm a cool, layers of Fall type gal myself... and this humidity brings out my snarky side! hehe. Thanks for wandering by the nest here ;o)


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