(M.M.24) first comes love.

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Hello there lovelies, bear with me as I get a bit mushy, sentimental... or something like that.  Again.
That boy.  No, not the little one in front.
That guy, the one I married.

In this stage of life - with the cute kids crammed in between us - it can get easy to lose sight of each other.  I think at any stage of life there's always things that want to get in the 'way' of truly seeing/being with your partner.

Like any relationship, it's either growing or shrinking according to how intentional we are about it. 

Most afternoons (during nap time) you'll find my guy and I trying to catch some 'us' time over tea, reading and talking together (if I'm not passed out on the couch from the heat of the summer).
Most evenings you'll drive by our house and see us perched out on the front step (the illusion of 'getting out' while the kids are in bed)... we chat, tease, discuss, and pelt each other with crab apples from the tree.

I really do love that bearded baker guy.
He has all my respect and admiration, especially as I see him growing in grace and a God-ward heart.  I want to be more like him, but... less facial hair.
The more time I spend with him, the more I want to spend with him.

I think we 'owe' it to our kids to ignore them occasionally.
You know, to make sure we aren't always ignoring our partner.
Give the kids some 'quiet play time' or pop a video in.. or tie them to a chair.
Then turn off the phone, t.v's, pagers... all the distractions and just be with your love.
You may just start giggling like you used to when you first started dating... and stuff.

How do you keep your partner in sight in your daily chaos?

mama Mel ;o)


  1. And stuff... love that. Care to elaborate? lol. Yes you do "owe it to them"... you must ignore those little ones as often as possible because you and he will remain when they fly the nest for good one day. And in the process of ignoring you are teaching those littles so much about who they should look for in their own partner and how to love well. And not just that early blind love that is always front and center (which is also wonderful but so fleeting) but rather that long term many layered deep love. Hubby and I still sit out on the deck together and giggle too... will try the crab apple throwing approach in the fall. Wonderful to read about how happy your heart is and about your continuing love story... you are starting my day with a big ol smile.

  2. haha, ohhh we'll let you keep imagining the 'stuffs'! Thanks for those sweet reaffirmations, glad you are 'farther along' to speak to this as well - way to go love birds!! ;o)
    Hope you're staying cool by the pool this week (jealous!!). Warm sticky hugs.


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