[M.M.23] patriotism and paternity.

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"Not only am I cute, I'm Canadian too"
 It's Canada Day on Monday... a holiday for all, to celebrate who we are as a nation.
None of us get to request which country we are born in... but I do feel privileged to live in this country (most days).  We're a funny lot, us Canadians... and I think the notion of 'patriotism' is probably lost on most of us around here.  If you cut us, we won't bleed 'red + white'... but we may just ooze out maple syrup and Tim Horton's coffee.
Now, I'm not a fan of hockey or hunting,
nor do I like Molson beer or deep fried 'beaver tails'.
But I love that our nation is growing more multi-cultural each year.
And most of us can trace back just a few generations to discover our descendants came from various lands across the pond.  I'm Scottish-based myself. ;o)

Now, I've always been more partial to people from other cultures... and feel more 'at home' amongst them.
I hope our kids are also raised to see people from all walks of life and feel a sense of brotherhood with them.
No matter what corner of the globe we hail from.
Or the colour of our eyes, skin, hair.
Regardless of the way we speak, or language we use.
We all share the same Maker.
We are one.

So to you fellow Canadians.. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday monday!
The rest of you lovelies... stay well out there.

mama Mel ;o)

*Do you ever wish you could raise you kids in different culture?  If so, where?
*What's your background?
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  1. happy canada day!! hope you are enjoying your three day weekend. living in miami i always feel like we are so exposed to different cultures. i must say though that from reading so many aussie blogs, i think i would like to live either in australia or new zealand. xo

  2. thank you! I agree too.. Aussies are a wonderful lot ;) I would dream of Europe too..... le sigh. Have a lovely week sweets! xx


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