D.I.Y nest makeovers

 Can you smell it?  The intoxicating freshness of Spring is in the air! ... and it makes me want to break out of the stuffy cave I've been hibernating in all winter.  It makes me want to embrace all the vibrant fresh colours that are hatching up out of this grey wintry palette.   I want to embrace the season's rebirth, enjoy a fresh perspective, shed a few pounds, start new projects, de-clutter, minimize, organize... 
For now, I thought I'd at least share some transformations that are already under my belt, in hopes of inspiring you to make your own nest more beautifully you... and inspire me to keep transforming mine as well!
Above is a chair I now love.. (while my father-in-law would cringe to see me painting an antique chair... I had to)!  So I sanded, primed and re-upholstered that sucker, and I do so love that fabric - it's the perfect combination of limey sage, turquoise and white... with birds too! Eeek!

Now here's a lil' peak at what was the hideous entryway to our home we bought last year.  I could barely walk into this room full of dark brick, panelling and every other form of nasty you could imagine!  I had to prime, and paint all the 'ick' out of that space... and replace it with the elements that make me feel at home...[now my husband says that means having more 'nic-nacs' than a Browsers Nook]... but I insist its all about 'layering' the things that reflect you - maybe I just have too many facets that need to be reflected [tee hee]. Where my husband is a minimalist, I find comfort in the 'clutter' of memories, beauties and inspirations I can nestle in.

So the next makeover goal for this Spring is to haul our lacquered wood table outside and white wash it in a creamy white... scuff up the edges for an 'antique' look and do the chairs to match!
What about you?  Any spring makeovers you're eager to get ready for your nest?

Good luck~  happy creating!
Mel :o)

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