If you sew it..  they will come.  If you put fabric on the floor.... they will sprawl.  Today I was reminded again of how ridiculous it is for me to try and work with fabric when our two cats are around.  Inevitably they know when I am laying out a fresh piece of material on the floor to cut - and they come pouncing.  [sigh] I know they're well intentioned, but sometimes these furry friends can make me go a bit crazy(er) when I'm eager to get a project done!
 Allow me to introduce our kitties to you... the bigger one is Mewsli - she's a smudgy version of greys.  We tend to think of her as emotionally bi-polar (in that she is highly needy when we don't want her to be... and aloof when we do want a cuddle).  Our lil' sweetie is named Tinderpuff - she's a black and grey stripey combo with big owl eyes.  Both were separate rescues.
... Sometimes it's hard being a cat.  Especially when our lil' daughter likes to hug [smother] them every chance she gets.  So maybe I should give them a break and let them sprawl all over my fabric I'm working on....  hopefully customers don't have cat allergies! ;o)

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  1. That shot of Mewsli chillin' out on that chair is priceless. I would love to be that relaxed!
    Aw, I'm having kitty memories of Tinderpuff as a wee little kitten. Such a puff!


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